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How to be Healthy 

(It's Not what you THINK)!

How to be HEALTHY it's NOT what you THINK! explains in simple language the average person can understand how lack of sleep and/or sleeping out of rhythm with light/dark cycles contributes to 7 of the leading causes of death. Lack of sleep is linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke, accidents, diabetes, fatal massive infection, and high blood pressure. How to be Healthy It's NOT what you THINK! offers 14 sleep solutions which may avert the path to illness. A great reference for patients of busy health practitioners with insufficient time to discuss this important topic.


Wanda Dyson, M.D. discusses how sleep boosts immunity and helps protect us from viruses, bacteria, and cancer with Allison Keyes host of CBS News Special Report: Coronavirus for CBS RADIO.



"As a work-a-holic and someone who does not know when to stop and listen to my body, I really was not enthused to take time out and sit down and read How to be Healthy, It's Not What You Think!. But because I not only knew and respected the author, Dr. Wanda Minnis-Dyson, I also knew and respected three of the five women the book was dedicated to, all in my age range, and all of whom are currently deceased.

So I picked up the book and could not put it down.  My initial skepticism quickly dissipated. Doc Dyson’s book literally made me stop in my tracks.  All I have to do is get a good night’s sleep???  You hear that all the time, but never before had I been presented with the stark facts, figures, and personal stories, with candor and wit, immersed in simple, easy-to-read language and stress-free layout. Yes, How to be Healthy it's Not What You Think! is definitely a wake-up call, particularly for those of us who have been asleep, but not at the right times or for the right reasons."-Nkechi Taifa, Esq. Attorney, Author, Activist

Wanda Dyson, M.D. discusses her Coronavirus Survival Guide and a new book with Emmy Award-winning journalist Victoria Gaither and New Zealand Broadcaster Stu Frith.



"As a long term insomniac, I was really interested to read Dr. Wanda Minnis-Dyson's How to be HEALTHY it's NOT what you THINK! I've researched and written about sleep on and off for two decades in an effort to cure my own difficulties. When I was younger going without sleep was misguidedly seen as a badge of honor, back then sleep was associated with laziness. Now we know better. How to be HEALTHY it's NOT what you THINK! is a straightforward approach to the cost of sleeplessness to our health and wellbeing written by a physician who not only outlines the problems but the solutions. Of all the excellent advice contained in the book, the 'camping cure' has to be one of the most original suggestions I have encountered and almost certainly effective. I am not a camper, but I am a traveler, one who often spends time in places without electricity (and often running water too, but that's another story). In those remote places, away from even so much as a cell phone signal, I find I can sleep. I read this fascinating and fantastic book in a single sitting. You should, too!"-Aminatta Forna OBE, award-winning author of the novels Happiness, The Hired Man, The Memory of Love and Ancestor Stones, and a memoir The Devil that Danced on the Water; Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a member of the Folio Academy; recipient of a Windham Campbell Award from Yale University; Commonwealth Writer’s Prize Best Book Award 2011; made OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honors 2017


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